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The NETwork of owners and fans of The Futuro House

Designed by Matti Suuronen manufactured around the world


Thank you all who have resopnded to the article in the NYTimes. It been great!!

Because of you 5 more have been uncoved. 3 in Austriala and at least 2 in the US.  I will be updating my website soon. Update on the update, make that 6 with another in the US.

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For those that email a photo of one not on the list, you will recieve a cool tee shirt I designed, to say thanks.

Keep those card and letters coming............more to come.


This site is devoted to the........

FUTURO spaceship - ufo - flying saucer - bubble - ellipoide- alien - vacation HOUSE / home

Designed by MATTI SUURONEN    Manufactured AROUND THE WORLD

I am FuturoMan. . .Captain/Owner of the craft above and I am searching for the remaining fleet.       Can ya help a brotha out??

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The NETwork of owners and fans of the Futuro 



Check back often.    Last update: FEBUARY 27 2005   Much more to come.