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Apu     Finland1968 September 20 #38Matti Screws the Landscape pages 42-45
Avotakka Finish interior decorating mag1968 May

Home from Another planet pages 44-48

Avotakka Finish interior decorating mag1969 MayFuturo-Holiday Home of the future pages 4-7, 28-29
Finnish Architectural Review   1969 #1Futuro Ioma-ajan asunto         
American Home1969 Septemberpages 69-71, 118-119
Whole Earth Catalog  1969 Fall

page 19 10,000/14,000 Futuro

Popular Science 1970 March      pages 90-93
Whole Earth Catalog   1970 Spring

page 21 10,000/14,000 Futuro

Holiday Magazine 1971 May/June

page 56  

Playboy1970 Septemberpages 179-181
Business Week 1970 October 10       
The Last Whole Earth Catalog1971page 92 10,000/14,000 Futuro
Private Magazine (adult)1970 #17           cover, pages 38-59
The Last Whole Earth Catalog1972page 92 10,000/14,000 Futuro
The Last Whole Earth Catalog 1974 Maypage 92 13,200/16,700 Casa2
Canadian Homes Magazine1975 March 1    page 10
Popular Science1984 February  page 67
Prospective magazine1999 Juneonline
Casa Brutus1999 Summer      
Casa Brutus Amazon.ja2001 #7  
Casa Brutus Amazon.ja2001 #11Library

Casa Brutus

2001 July #16   @

Casa Brutus CB web

2001 October # 19Ohio

Casa Brutus

2001 November #20State   

Casa Brutus

2001 December #21


Casa Brutus

2002 January   Columbus  
Casa Brutus CB web2002 July #28 
Charged 2002 Juneonline
Kiasma Magazine2002 14-02online
Interior Design 2003 February
Wired   2003 Juneonline 
Weird NJ2003 October #21page 63
Weird NJ2004 May #22 pages 15, 78
dwell2004 July/August pages 90, 92
Weird NJ2004 October #23page 90
dwell2004 Oct/Nov       page 26 Pensacola
dwell2004 Decemberpage 33


Daily Mirror1968 October 8Now an Englishman's home may be his flying saucer
Toronto Daily News1969 October 24Flying Saucer House is Swedish Cottage
Helsingin Sanomat1969 AugustThe Futuro-Much ado about nothing
The Evening Bulletin Philly1969 June 17Work is Taboo in Spaceship Homes of the Near Future
The Evening Bulletin Philly1969 May 30
New York Times1969 July 20sec 8
New York Times next day1969 July 21headline
The Montreal Gazette1969 September 24 
Wall Street Journal1970 February 17 
Kansas City Star1970 May 31 
The Montreal Star

1975 December 27

Peoria Journal Star (Dave Moll)1996 April 28 
The Cincinnati Enquirer2000 July 18online
San Diego Reader2000 Augustonline
Wall Street Journal     2001 July 20page W13I 
Dallas Morning News2001 September 9        page A1, 1R-2R
San Diego Union Tribune2002 November 20online
The Cincinnati Enquirer2003 October 28online
Pensacola News Journal2003 October 31Treak or Treat Spaceship Style
San Diego Union Tribune2004 July 4       online
San Diego Union Tribune2004 August 1online
Courier Post2004 November 5online/archive
The Advocate2004 November 28
Idyllwild Town Crier2004 December 16Archive
Sam Diego Union Tribune2005 January 5online


House & Garden Book of Holiday and weekend Homes1968page 208
The Playboy Book 19941994

page 174

In Advance of the Landing: 1985/2001pages 22, 93
Images of America Willingboro NJ2002

page 105

FUTURO Tomorrow’s House from Yesterday2002 2003THE WHOLE BOOK
Where’s my SPACE AGE2003pages 63-66
Wright Modernist 20 Century Auction Catalog2004page 266

Berlin - City in Space

Parasite Paradise: A Manifesto
for Temporary Architecture
and Flexible Urbanism 


pages 37-41

Superlon1968Advertising film for the Finnish Plastic Assoc
The Cybermen1996Music Video
Futuro A New Stance for Tomorrow &
Japanese version

1998 November 23

Jimi Tenor1999Music Video Year of the Apocalypse
HGTV Extreme Homes Episode EXT-506 Wis Futuro
HGTV Space:PadsEpisode HVOD-639 Wis Futuro
WKRC-TV2004Futuro in Kentucky
Juno Specter1995
The CybermenNeedle's Eye
Ektroverde1998Music from the Film mp3
Various2004Future House

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House & Garden Guide for Young Living

Science & Mechanics

House & Garden

Machanics Illustrated

NYT Sunday


I have decided to post all of this historical information that can not be acquired new or by reproduction from the original source. All that can be directly acquired, the link is provided.