Brief History

In 1965 Dr. Jaakko Hildenkari asked the Finish architect Matti Suuronen to design a sky cabin. Ploykem Ltd. of Helsinki, Finland was granted production of the final design, with the first one coming out in March 1968. It wasn’t until the third one was showing in London, (October 1968) when they come up with the name Futuro. There were only 20 produced in Finland between 1968 - 1978

Dr. Jaakko Hiidenkari asked Matti Suuronen to design a ski cabin
Contract for production awarded to Polykem Ltd of Helsinki, Finland
1968 March First one produced #(000) @ plant in Hiekkaharju, Finland
1968 October #(002) Shown in London, England.   Given the name Futuro.
1969   Polykem Ltd started Casa Finlandia series
1969   Futuro Corporation (USA) H. Leonard Fruchter Pres.
1970   Futuro Fiberglass Homes Ltd (Canada) A. Richard (Dick) Shain Pres.
1971 October 20Futuro stamp - 3,000,000,000 issued in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Finnish Plastics Industry
1972 Futuro Corporation merged with Casa2 Corporation
1974 Futuro Corporation/Casa2 90 percent of marketing to Venturo
1975 December Futuro Fiberglass Homes Ltd 1st prototype (chocolate brown in color)
1968 – 1978 Total of 20 manufactured in Finland, 12 to foreign buyers
1998 November 23

The movie FUTURO – A New Stance for Tomorrow premiers in Helsinki, Finland. Finish Museum of Archttecture small exhibition 30 year annivesary

1998 December 6 International premier of movie
2002 The book FUTURO – Tomorrow’s House from Yesterday comes out
2004 January 22Futuro-House.net is born



Between 1969 - 1973 manufacturing rites were sold to approximately 25 countries but only about 10 countries launched production.

Futuro Corporation, later Casa2, H. Leonard Frucher pres., was founded in the US in 1969 and ran production, at least to some degree, thru 1974. They also retained the rites to Central America, The Caribbean and, Israel.

Futuro Fiberglass Homes Ltd, A. Richard (Dick) Shain pres., was founded in Canada in 1970, though did not see production until 1976 and ran thru 1979.

Futuro Enterprises Ltd, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Futuro Homes (NZ) Ltd Christchurch, New Zealand and pacific region

Production figures are not known at this time.

The goal of this site is to find and document the remaining fleet.

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